- GIAC Chip (link)

- Patec Holeshot Coilovers

- EuroSport front & rear stress bars (link)

Dual Projected Headlights

- Magnaflow Exhaust

- Carbonio Cold Air Intake & Ported Stock Air box (link)

- 2x10 inch Subs with Apline Amp

- Euro Lip

- Sidemark blinker mod

- Extended Keyless entry to 30-40 feet

- Euro Headlight Switch

- Replace trunk light with L.E.D. lighting

- Custom Regrounding of engine bay


Welcome to I've created this site to simple show all modification I've made to my MK3 1997 VW Jetta GLX VR6 (2.8L 12v 5 speed tranny). I got the car several years ago as a upgrade to my 1980 1.6L 2 door MK1 VW Jetta. The 1980 Jetta had over 169,000 on it and still ran strong... yet problems were starting to occur more and more often. The thing that made me say enough is enough is when I shifted into reverse one day and the shift level dropped to the floor in the middle of the Redmond High School parking lot. Some sort of plastic bracket broke and after saving up money all summer long I decided I was due for a change.

Front Driver side of a 1997 Mk3 VW Jetta VR6 GLX

I originally wanted a mk2 Golf/GTI or Jetta, but I was persuaded not to because of higher insurance cost for a hatchback. So the search began of finding a nice VW. I came across a 95 Golf GL with 17 inch rim and aftermarket exhaust. So few days later at the same place I was looking at the Golf I got a e-mail about a black Jetta. That week my dad and I went to go look at it. I was pretty much in shock what a difference there was from the old Jetta to this 97 Jetta. Took it for a spin and man could that car go. Came back to the dealership and started asking about the prices. 30 mins later and the car was mine.

On the left is a quick list of what I've done to my Jetta so far. Click here to view the evolution of my car.

Just so there no confusion, I've traded this Jetta in as of 11/2007 for a 2001 Audi S4. I wish I had kept the Jetta but simply put, the S4 was such a nice upgrade it was too hard to pass up.

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