Peloquin 02A Torque Biasing Differential

The Peloquin VW torque biasing differential

is superior to the Quaiffe for several reasons. The primary reason is strength. The Peloquin has proven to stand up to more abuse, more horsepower and has yet to fail in even the most radical racecars we have built. Where as the Quaiffe has failed numerous times before, even their "newer - stronger version". In addition the Peloquin differential comes complete with new differential bearings, upgraded bolt kit , end-cover gasket, o-rings for pinion plate studs, and o-rings for shift fork support pins (valued at $100.00 no additional charge). Finally the Peloquin differential cost less than the Quaiffe, and is manufactured in the United States.

Why replace the OEM open differential?:
VW differential failure is a common problem which causes material to break through the case and damage gears and render the vehicle inoperable. If you are an aggressive driver or interested in drag racing, this should be one of your first upgrades along with an

Each differential package includes: (1) high performance torque biasing differential, new differential bearings, upgraded bolt kit, end-cover gasket, o-rings for pinion plate studs, and o-rings for shift fork support pins.



VF-Engineering Supercharger Kits

VF-Engineering designed this kit from the ground up; being the first in the market to build such a kit using the infamous "bullet proof" Vortech Engineering supercharger unit.

The key to the design of this supercharger kit is the simplicity in which it can be bolted-on. The kit is supplied with every part needed to get your car up and running supercharged on the same day.

Most kits are set up in 3 stages to give you an increasing amount of horspower and torque. Each stage is a bolt on kit and can be added on to the previous stage.

Performance, reliability and stock feel were major factors in the extensive R&D carried out over a perod of 2 years in California. Custom proprietary GIAC software is supplied with this kit to safely re-align all fuelling and engine management parameters. See side note on GIAC.

The unique advantage of all VF-Engineering products is the unlimited mileage warranty option coupled with lifetime software support and world reknowned customer service.

Stage 1 Bolt on "ready to run" 6.0 psi VF-Engineering supercharger system

250 HP Price $3500

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