How did I do that mod?

Most of the mods I've done to my car are pretty common on places like, but do you really want to try and find it there? Not saying it's a bad place but just not a great place to find a DIY "do it yourself" instructions for mods quickly. I do recommend that site to begin learning all about our Mk3 VW GTI, Golf, or Jetta, but be warned you may find yourself spending way too much time on that site.

Anyway, I want to start my own collection on the most helpful and or interesting DIY for our Mk3 VW Jetta, Golf, GTI, that either I wrote up or have come across on other sites. My hope is to keep everything simple, easy to understand, and right to the point.... there is no need to have 3 different ways to change something. If you come across a good DIY let me know and I'll get it posted. I'm happy to put a link to your DIY as long as you link back to me. Well that's all for now.. enjoy!

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