DIY: Side Marker Modification for all MK3 GTI, GOlf, and Jetta VR6

It is easy to notice that the blinker set up on A3 Jettas, Golfs, and Gti is a poor design. I've noticed many times sitting at a intersection or a 4 way stop and people looking at me confused because they could not see my blinker and didn't know which direction I was planning on going. The fact the blinker is deep in the bumper is not really a good place to be for a front blinker set up on a car. It's very important that other drivers know where you are turning easily.

So I looked on the net for some ways to get the side markers to blink with the blinker. I found on set up but required buying extra parts so that the side marker could be used as a blinker and a parking light. Yet that set up seem to be a little to confusing and I rather to do it for free if possible. So I decided if anything I'll just disable the parking light feature that the side marker are normally for and just have them as side blinkers. Well by accident I soon found out that I would have them as blinkers and still parking lights.

I've include instructions and picture below to show you exactly how I did it and how you can do it yourself. (Warning this mod was done on a 97 Jetta VR6 and I can not say for sure if this will work on every A3 VW model.)

Tools need for Mk3 Side Marker Modification
Above are the tools needed. Screw driver, electrical tape, and wire stripers.

Passenger side Mk3 Jetta Side Marker Modification
The image above is show what wires to cut on the passenger side.

Cutting and stripping wire for Mk3 Side Marker Modification

Cutting and stripping wire for Mk3 Side Marker Modification

Connect wire for Mk3 Side Marker Modification
You don't have to use low gauge wire as shown above. Anything between 8-12 guage wire should work just fine.

Electrical wire - Mk3 Side Marker Modification
You might want to make sure you have enough wire to be able to install the lights back into there holders before taping everything back up.

Mk3 Side Marker Modification
If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Enjoy a new sense of safety!


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