DIY: Keyless Entry Range Improvement for Mk3 VW Jetta & GTI/Golf

Take out the keyless entry module which is directly behind the headlight switch. If you need more instructions removing the keyless entry please click here. Then take off the keyless entry module plastic shell. Connect a shielded wire of some sort to the module antenna. That is located on lower part of the circuitry board with the black tape covering it. It helps to cut some of the tape off to make a better connecting with the wire.  I recommend at least 5 feet of wire.

Drill a hole in the plastic shell to allow the wire to get out. It's actual best to drill a hole where my thumb or pinky finger is located. Where ever you connect the wire to the antenna to is the side you'll want to drill a hole on.

Now put the plastic cover back on. The easiest way is to get the shield wire wiring through the newly drilled hole and pull on the wire as you slide the plastic shell back to place. This make the cover go on a lot quicker and easier.

Now your keyless entry should look like this but with more wire connected.

Now the last part is completely up to you. The wire that has been connected to the module is basically a like to another antenna. You can get antenna wire and have it go through out your car. Where ever you please, basically. Or you can do something that%u2019s a little harder but requires less wiring but connect it you your car radio antenna.

This is a picture of where you want to run the wire to get to your stereo deck which is connect to the car radio antenna. As you can see there is the brake petal in the bottom lower left hand side of the pic (to give you a location of what you are looking at). You'll want to run the wire that is connect to the keyless entry module by that cluster of wire that in the middle of the picture and just feed the wire into it. That will be heading toward the stereo deck.

Next you will need to take your stereo deck out. For people that haven't installed their deck on there own. I highly recommend that you either have someone that has installed a deck before or be very careful while trying to do this. We all know desk are expensive so take your time when removing the deck.

In order to remove the desk I like to use a metal coat hanger. The deck snaps in place for most setups and you just simply need to unsnap the desk from the metal harness that holds the deck into place. Since there is such a wide variety of deck out on the market detailed instruction on how to remove the deck would be nearly impossible to explain. All I can say is try to figure this part out for yourself or take it to a car audio place and let them do it.

Once you got your deck to this stage be very careful and just slightly wiggle the deck till is fully out. Many wire get caught behind there so just slightly pulling and wiggling will allow the deck to get out with out any wire damage.

Remember that wire you were feeding underneath the dash board. Well if you are luck you might see it at this point. If not get that wire that is connected to the keyless entry and have if coming out like the rest of the wires seen. (To note in the pic the wire connected to the keyless entry module is not shown above). First thing to do it cut that red wire that is connected to the long silver'ish tube (that is the antenna booster).

Like so....

Now the actual wiring. Disconnect the entire antenna booster from the black cable. If you look closely... You will see coming through the black cable a single silver wire that slightly loops up (located in the red circle) and then connect to the actually connection point which connect to the antenna booster. Take a single thread of wire that is connected to the keyless entry and slip that under the wire that coming from the black cable. Here is inlarged picture...

The easiest way to get the keyless entry wire under the antenna wire is to make a hook shape and slid it under. Needle nose pliers will help you out. And if needed you can make the loop of the single thread of wire connected to the black cable a little large using pliers and slowly pulling up. Once you have the keyless entry wire in place slowly twist it around like seen about to give a good solid connection. Or if you are good at soldering go for that rather then the way I did it. Most likely, soldering will have by the best contact between both wires.

Next, tape it all up with **electrical tape only!** Note: For all of you duct tape happy people it is time to change. Electrical tape will by far be the most effective tape to use.

So now you are all set and good to go. The keyless entry is wire up to your car radio antenna!

Now you should be able to do this. Notice my blinkers are flashing signaling the car is unlocking! I currently 60 - 70 ft away from my car.

Lastly test to make sure your range has been extended. If so but you deck back into place and you are done!

Thanks to this (our car antenna) your keyless entry is will be extended greatly!

No more using the chin trick for you!

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