DIY: Installing Keyless Entry Alarm Module in a VW Jetta, GTI, or Golf 

Required Materials:

  • A3 Jetta or Golf with power locks (I'm pretty sure that all A3s had this, so it shouldn't be a problem)
  • OEM Volkswagen Alarm module from a 98+ A3 Jetta/Golf/GTI

  • VW part number:
    • 1HM 937 045 M
    • 1HM 937 045 Q
    • 1HM 937 043
  • Key fob with an FCC ID (mine is M3GHU01WT) matching that of the alarm module
  • 10mm socket
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver


  1. Take out the cover to the left of the headlight switch and headlight switch itself, disconnect both. It might be easiest to pop the airbag panel, then pop and disconnect the headlight switch, then disconnect the airbag light. Either way both need to be removed, so however you find it easiest.
  2. Push aside the cords for the headlight switch and dead panel lights and you will see a little black box (the one in the picture is white because I took these pictures after the swap)
  3. Okay.. now.. under your dash, there is a big cover to protect your underside.... unscrew the 5 screws and take it off. I also suggest that you remove the 2 screws that hold up the fuse panel cover. I could get my whole arm up under the dash that way.
  4. Reach up behind the alarm module and unplug the harnesses that go into it. This is a bit easier when it is still bolted down. The alarm module has 2 harnesses, the cruise (if you have it) has only 1.
  5. The bracket that holds the alarm module to the dash is secured with a 10mm bolt. You will need to remove it.
  6. After taking off the bolt, manipulate the module and bracket out of the opening by the fuse panel cover. If you took it off, this makes perfect sense because your arm is still up there from unhooking the harnesses.
  7. Unscrew the module from the bracket and switch it with the new module. You will hear your central locking vacuums working when you plug everything back in)

  8. This was a good time for me to test it all out, so you may want to skip ahead to the "Programming your remotes" section.Don't forget to remove the spare key from the ignition when you test. I was really confused as to why the lock wouldn't work.

  9. If everything is peachy, reverse these instructions to put your baby back together.

Programming your remotes if you have a Keyless Entry Module:

  1. Put your spare key in the ignition and put it on the ON position. DO NOT START THE CAR!
  2. Close the drivers side door (and all other doors, hood and trunk), put in the key and turn it to the left (unlock position) and hold it.
  3. The car will beep 3 times. Let go of the key so it sits in the lock
  4. With each of the new remotes, separately, press the unlock button. Each button will cause a "HONK"
  5. Turn the key to the left again until it beeps.
  6. Remove your spare key from the ignition.
  7. DONE!

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